Riggs has the Night Shift

Night two and Riggs’ babysitting of Shadow overnight allowed us another nights sleep.  This guy is worth his weight in GOLD!  He’s crashed under my computer right now so I think Shadow kept him busy all night.  Riggs has a new job – on the night shift!  I did hear a lot of walking around last night so he must have been kept busy.  We didn’t hear a peep from Shadow, though Shadow is making up for it right now – whining and screaming for no apparent reason…the usual reasons? He has to pee, poop, wants his cranberry juice water, or is bored.  So I’m assuming it’s bored.  

Meanwhile Pod and Chevy are  outside playing.  Pod spends her time hunting relentlessly while Chevy (our Dee Dee Dee boy – if you’ve watched Carlos Mencia you know what I mean) wanders aimlessly around the yard until he gets tired and sits on the porch for Hoover (who is looking through the window) to start yelling at him.  I wonder what Hoover thinks he’s saying, since Chevy is so clueless and doesn’t even realize it’s directed to him. 


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