Mud Puppies

Spring is coming.  I can tell by the mud and poop piles in the yard.  Moola & Jazzy went out to play today and came in covered head to toe in mud.  So much for my nice clean bathtub.  Especially Moola – she is always the one most covered in mud.  And she always finds the blackest, ickiest mud too.  No remorse, she loves it.  Meanwhile Gracie can’t find joy even in mud.  She is protesting because Dan is working long hours.  She is a pouter.  No one else can take his place and when she doesn’t get sufficient amounts of attention, in her estimation, she pouts.  She doesn’t do anything the others do – get into trouble, chew, poop/pee – she just pouts and sends you on a big guilt trip.  I give her extra attention but it’s not enough – she wants Dan.  If sulking were an artform, Gracie would have it mastered.  She puts on her best “hound dog” look and sits in the corner sulking.  She refuses to eat.  She yells at Pod for no reason.  She moans like a ghost when Dan gets home and doesn’t give her his undivided attention immediately.  She’s a pro. 


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