The Butthead is Back…

Once again, just as we were thinking he was a goner…Shadow has bounced back.  He is amazing!  Like a cat with 9 lives, we were sure he only had a few weeks or days to live – or would have to make the “big decision”.  But he’s trying so hard – and he started his own therapy regimen.  Even if he didn’t feel like it, he’ll ask to go for a walk outside.  (the excuse is always to pee – but it’s so hard for him to walk, I doubt that’s the REAL reason).  He limps quite a bit in the morning, and he still can’t get up on his own, but once up he’ll tackle anything (stairs, turns, even nudging the door open with his nose while I hold the back end steady).  He mostly stays on the drive way because it’s flat and there are no obsticales to maneuver around.  But I’ve seen major improvement – he even made it up the smallest step without help a few times.  I think he’s getting some strength back – and if being a pain in the butt is any indicator – he’s feeling MUCH better.  He no longer squeaks weakly – he does the loud, screachy bark he used to do.   He’s got a routine now and actually this could go on for awhile since his condition has stabilized.  I never thought I could laugh at a dog “guarding” his food dish!  He makes it a point to “yell” at Riggs, Moola & Jazz that it’s HIS dish (even though empty) and back off.  They respect his wishes and he feels important.  Not like he could DO anything if they wanted it however – but that doesn’t stop the Butthead from making his wishes known.

We went to dog class last night and Moola was bouncing off the walls.  She found a tennis ball and I threw it and threw it and threw it (hoping to wear her out before we started – ha! Not possible!).  But she had a blast and made a new friend, a very tiny affenpinscher (also called a monkey terrier).  They did a lot of butt smelling and I think had a nice “conversation” though they couldn’t actually play (size difference), I think they liked each other. It’s so nice having a Malamute I can trust with ANY dog – that’s what I love about Moola – she loves everyone.  Funny how you keep a puppy expecting it to only be a pet – I kept her for her wonderful personality.  But she’s turning out to be the better “showdog” – the one that loves showing, asks for the win, and has fun in the process.


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