Pray for Riggs…he’s at the Vet

Last night around 6:00 I didn’t go to dog class with the girls because Riggs seemed to have a bad case of gas.  We have never had bloat problems, so that never entered my mind.  But after about 4 hours of his on and off crying, I decided to take him to MSU.  We got there, he got out of the van and seemed to need to poop.  So I walked him around and he left a LARGE deposit, then began acting like he was just fine.  We talked to the receptionist on duty and decided it was just a mild case of constipation (and a 50 mile poop) and went home.  He seemed ok the rest of the night – an occasional (maybe 3-5) little yips so I just thought it was residual gas.  Nothing we hadn’t encountered before and all was well.  Then came morning and he seemed a bit more uncomfortable so I called Kern Rd. Vet and asked to get him in ASAP for an xray.  I got a 10:30 appt.  But by 8:30 he seemed even more uncomfortable so I decided to take him in early.   I took the long route, not thinking there was any hurry – mailed a package, got gas.  We arrived and all of a sudden his stomach got WAYYYY bigger.  They did an x-ray and he was bloating – possibly torsioning.  My worst nightmare.  Dr.  Surch immediately got him into surgery and laid out what could happen – it was bad.  Bloating was bad, torsioning worse, but when they untorsion the stomach (torsioning is when the stomach twists upon itself) it lets go lots of toxic gasses into the blood that can cause cardiac arrest.  They could also open him up and find his intestines and stomach are black and necrotic – a death sentence.  So please pray for Riggs – he’s only 4 years old and such a sweety – he doesn’t deserve to die!  I am waiting to hear the outcome of the surgery – he’s a malamute and they hide how incredibly sick they can be.  Just a few whimpers and it’s this bad.  So send him some good vibes…I hope he makes it. 


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