Riggs in recovery

They say there are studies proving prayer works – well, I believe it.  Amazingly Riggs  survived surgery and so far so good.  His stomach was the size of a blown up grocery bag and his intestines were triple their normal size.  His stomach had torsioned 270 degrees (a typical bloat is 90 degrees), but Dr Surch said once she turned it back around, everything started going back to pink.  It was caught in the nick of time – one hour later (when our scheduled appointment was) may have been too late.  His heart is doing fine so far, but he’s not out of the woods yet because of the toxins released when you un-twist the stomach.  The poision can send him into immediate cardiac arrest – even in the next few days.     I’m sure he’s gotten this far because of your thoughts and prayers – Thank you!!   He didn’t even lose his spleen (apparently that is a common casualty in bloat). The odd thing about this is it took an hour to remove almost 5 lbs. of dog food from his stomach.  Now, he only gets a cup and a half at two meals a day so there should have been only no more than a half cup in there because that’s all he ate this morning (2 gulps before I took it away because he looked nauseous).  He has no access to the dog food cabinet (besides, Holly guards it like it’s Fort Knox – he’d be risking his life to even look at it) and it’s on the opposite side of the house where he never goes.  So either he is not digesting the food internally, or there’s something in the food making it indigestible (Purina).  This is strange and disturbing.  So the bloat was apparently caused by a “build up” of food over time in his stomach that didn’t get digested.  In hindsight, the poops were much too small and too often – but common knowledge is that is supposed to mean that the food is getting digested well (you don’t want big cowpiles) – not that it’s NOT digesting well.  With all the dog food scares this has me concerned – did Purina change their formula?  At any rate, I am really missing him tonight (he’s at the vet for 48 hours) – my TV buddy is missing.  I guess I should have known something was going on as he hasn’t been interested in TV for a few days now.  Moola & Jazzy (especially Jazz) are missing him too.  I think Jazz sensed something was wrong last night as she would not leave him alone – just kept licking his eyes and face.  I think even “the Butthead” misses him (they give each other kisses!).  So hopefully the 48 hours will be uneventful and he’ll be ok.  I am still nervous, but feeling much better about the whole thing.  Dr. Surch has been great – she is a wonderful vet. 


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