Riggs goes home

The Saga of Riggs continues. It’s strange, but she said she really didn’t know if he’d make it.  It all depended on what they found when she opened him up – it could have been all necrotic and dead tissue  (esp. when you consider this started almost 14 hrs. before he went to the vet).  I was braced for the worst.  But I have a lot of trust in this vet and everyone was sending wonderful prayers and good thoughts.   I knew he was in the best hands I could find.  I think when he actually torsioned was on the way to the vet – so it had been like 20 minutes max. (not including the prep for surgery time). She thought it may have been a couple of hours.  He didn’t get really whimpering and restless until we were on our way there.  If I had realized it was an emergency I wouldn’t have stopped for gas and at the post office, but I was just leaving early because my gut told me something wasn’t right though our appt. wasn’t until 10:30.  I left like 8:30 thinking it was 9:30 (funny how your brain works at times of stress) – thinking I would just take my time getting there and just be early – well, I was an hour early and she said that it was good that I did or in another hour he would have been dead.  She got in there and everything was starting to turn that maroon dead color so made an incision about a foot and a half long to get her hands in and flipped it back – first his spleen started pinking up, then everything else started coming back as they took out 5 LBS of dog food!  (where did THAT come from – something weird going on there as he has no access so it must not be getting digested).  Took an hour to do that alone.  First night I had the option of leaving him there (with someone checking on him late, but no one there at the clinic) or taking him to a 24 hr. facility in Ann Arbor, Lansing or Novi -all about an hour away.  Since he just had surgery, I didn’t think it was wise to transport him (or the stress involved) over an hour away so we opted to keep him there and let him just rest.  If these toxins let loose, there was nothing they could do anyway – he would go into cardiac arrest and die regardless.  So needless to say, I didn’t sleep much Thursday night. 

But by the next day she said he was doing good but “quiet”.  They didn’t want me to see him because he would think he was going home right away so I just left a little toy with the pack smell on it. He did fine Friday – so good she was thinking of letting him go home that evening.  I was going to leave him one more night because I moving Steph back home from College Friday afternoon – but when I called her she felt it was better if he went home because he wasn’t eating.  They had even tried hand-feeding him, special treats, everything – but nothing was working.  ( A malamute thing…they aren’t his pack)  So we rushed back home, threw everything (it filled the van to the ceiling) in the garage and I went over to get him about 2 hours after they’d closed.  She waited for me not knowing if I was going to make it or not (we were stuck in rush hour traffic that wasn’t moving in downtown Detroit when I called to check in).  Anyway, got there and he was pretty depressed looking – didn’t realize I was there at all for almost 5 minutes.  I think he was contemplating his starring role in his favorite TV show – Vet Interns – he really really loves that show.  Then he suddenly looked up.  The medicine has him pretty dopey which is good because he needs to be still.  Anyway, it was cute, as we were gathering up the multiple Rx’s & special food, etc. and putting it all into a bag, Riggs pulled his little toy (I brought the day before – the “card” from Moola & Jazzy & Shadow) out of my pocket and handed it to me – like “don’t forget this”.  Took him home and he was pretty quiet.  I tried putting him in Holly’s spot in the back room but that was a disaster because Moola & Jazz would make such a stink every time Gracie or Pod went in and out I decided to let him hang out in his regular bedroom – so he’s staying in Colleen’s old room with his TV.  (not the big one with cable to his dismay lol), Other than being quiet, he looks good and is acting fine.  I think the medicine is what’s keeping him quiet as he was raring to go this morning until I gave it to him.  So he’s just hanging out, watching some TV and eating his Salmon/special food mix. He seems to be content to just hang out with his TV in the bedroom and just go out to pee.  So far so good.  He’s supposed to stay really quiet and go out on leash for 10 days then go back for the stitches to come out so having his own “room” is helpful.  So, not out of the woods yet, but doing much better than the alternative. 

In hindsight, I think had we gone on in to MSU that night (when he did the 50 mile poop) it wouldn’t have been that serious yet so who knows, they may have done an x-ray, say it’s just some mild gas, sent us home, then when it got serious I may not have thought it was that important and not decided to go in to the vet that morning and he would have died – so things happen for a reason.  I’m just glad he’s doing OK. 

Meanwhile, at the O’Mal Dog Nursing Home Shadow is back to being as obnoxious as ever, is trying to climb the stairs (though he still can’t get up on his own – but he yells and makes a stink if he wants help!), and is as demanding as ever.  He’s been sitting on the front grass with a beach umbrella for shade – the life!  All he needs is the lemonade and a hammock!  I swear Wed. I felt like it was a nursing home – I was running from Riggs (crying in pain) to Shadow (screaming wanting help to get up) to Hoover who was whimpering he couldn’t stand fast enough and was stuck in his crate.  Geez…All I needed was for Chev to have a seizure (which he didn’t thank goD).  I think there is definitely a business here…dog nursing homes…lol….I could be my first customer. 


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