Goodbye Shadow (aka Butthead)

I want to thank everyone that has expressed concern for him over the last few months.  He went to the rainbow bridge this afternoon – fighting every inch of the way.  It’s been very hard on all of us, especially Stephanie who just doesn’t understand how bad off he was.  He was almost blind, almost deaf, pooping in his sleep, couldn’t walk so had to be partially carried outside, and had a raging bladder infection that went into his kidneys causing him a lot of pain, had trouble peeing because of his prostrate and was wetting his bed. His abdomen was swollen with something else – cancer? liver? who knows.  He sat with us and tried to do the malamute *I’m fine* thing, but you could see in his eyes, he was feeling really bad.  Steph is still having trouble understanding this because he still wanted to play the “face” game with her and hid how he really felt because he loves her so much.  He hadn’t slept in 2 days – figeting and barking or whining and got little sleep because he felt so bad.  He couldn’t bear to be alone for even 5 minutes without barking for us.  It was time, and though he was 100% there mentally with his still exhuberent spirit, and devoured all the special last treats, which made it doubly hard, it was time and I think he knew it. He tried to *eat* the cable guy and vet even though he could barely tell where they were standing – one last hurrah being “the Butthead”.  I’m having a hard time coming up with a rainbow bridge tribute because he was one of the most special dogs I’ve ever known.  No, THE most special dog.  Our hearts are broken again… Cindy


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