Harder & harder

It’s getting harder and harder to update this site – so many of my best friends are gone.  I’m trying to write Shadow’s rainbow bridge tribute and how do you summarize in a couple of paragraphs a dog that was so intense, so complex, so brilliant, so unique.  I don’t think it’s possible, but I’m trying.  I feel like the light has been put out from the most magnificent fireworks of all time.  The grand finale.  Where do you go from here?  I love the others of course, but he was truly special – and challenging.  The other dogs are mourning too.  Especially Riggs.  Riggs really likes the old guys.  I think he’s gained a lot of wisdom from Homer & Shadow (well, maybe not wisdom from Shadow aka “the Butthead”, but I’m sure he learned some really useful things like how to get what you want out of life and how live every day like it’s your last and savor every moment and how to rummage and thieve). 


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