Shadow’s Obitituary

Ok, I did it.  I’ve written a small book – I have his rainbow bridge tribute up and some stuff on his page.  It’s very hard.  He was so special and this seems so final.  I guess if there’s any message at all in his life it’s DONT GIVE UP.  No situation is hopeless, and every breeder should be their for their puppies.  If you seek a breeder make sure they take back their dogs -under ANY circumstances – had we not taken him back he would have probably ended up in a shelter somewhere – euthanzied at  7 months old and would have never been  able to touch the lives of so many and teach us so much.  It’s just hard to put into words how much he has affected our lives – more than ANY other dog ever.  I just hope to someday have another like him – not the same – but with the same drive and spirit.  That would be awesome!


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