Hoover’s Big Vacation & Gracie’s Big Wins

We just got back after a wonderful week in Marquette, Michigan for our first dog show in a long time.

Gracie cleaned up – THREE Group 4’s – one each day – at least you can say she’s consistent!  And best of all Hoover had a blast.  I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to travel with a handicapped dog – but it turned out fantastic.  He had an enjoyable time just hanging out at the dog show and by the end of the trip we coudn’t stop without him rotating himself around wanting to get out.  The excuse was to pee, but I think he was just enjoying the scenery like we were.  I coudn’t pack his wheelchair due to lack of space, but that didn’t stop him.  I served as back legs and he was able to get into and out of the van just fine and even insisted on checking out the sand dunes and going down to the water.  He wanted to do everything the others did. 

We also took evil Holly (to spare our petsitter her brattiness)  and Moola who I showed (she is becoming the reserve queen like Grandma Penny – I always said they were alike!).  Anwyay, it was very enjoyable and we just love the area.  Everything went well for our wonderful petsitter back home – Pam Gibbings who did an awesome job.  I really think the guys at home thought THEY went on the vacation themselves. 

We ate out a lot and stayed at a really nice hotel that allowed dogs in the rooms.  We put a plastic shower curtain down, with Hoover’s rug on it, and Hoover did just fine.  Midway I made a laundromat stop to wash his rugs which was the only real concession to an incontinent, paralyzed dog. The only thing he wasn’t too crazy about (and neither was I) was camping in the tent on Saturday.  We both could have done without that!  The wind was really whipping and scary and I HATE tent camping so that was totally miserable for both Hoover and I.  Other than that though, the week was fabulous.  


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