Canine Whisperer Interview

What a week!  While out doing errands (and buying a ton of chewys for the gang – they have been stealing and eating everything in sight) I received a call from the Detroit Free Press wanting my take on the recent rash of dog attacks as the Canine Whisperer (my local moniker for dog training).  It’s the owner, not the dog in most situations, so that’s what I relayed to the reporter who seemed very responsive to our message that there is no dangerous breed – just ignorant or clueless people that don’t know how to be pack leader and raise the dog improperly (or not at all).  Here’s the link  At any rate, turned out to be a very fair and informative article and I wasn’t misquoted too badly lol .  With my 15 minutes of fame – it’s back to picking up poop and keeping the guys from eating the house.  Toll this week:  2 coupons for free on-demand movies (arrrgh!), part of my wood Sander, assorted pads of paper, a rubber stamp and a few other things snitched off my desk.  I’m hoping a huge supply of rawhides and bones will alleviate the energy the cooler weather has brought.  I think my worst culprits are Moola and Jazzy – at least that’s who I catch with all the stolen items. 

 It was bath week this week for Hoover, Pod and Riggs…they look much better now.  Hoover wasn’t too crazy about lying down in the tub (he’s the one that can’t walk) but he did ok.  He is such an easy going guy and hates to be dirty so he humored me.  Pod was a real challenge – kind of like bathing a pogo stick! 


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