From bad to worse

Well, as you all know Gracie was expected to have puppies – the vet saw at least two – one estimate was nine (never believed that one!).  So we took her for the final x-ray before they were due next week.  Nothing.  Zilch. Zip.  They are GONE.  Apparently she resorbed them.   We are so bummed.  Over a thousand $$ in AI’s, ultrasounds, vet stuff…and nothing.  And people think you actually MAKE money breeding dogs!  They are so WRONG lol!  And that doesn’t even touch the disappointment you feel when you are so excited about a really great breeding and it doesn’t work out. 

Ok, dealing with that – but I just gave Hoover his “weekly” bath (Hoover is incontinent, paralyzed and cannot move his back end but he’s alert, generally healthy and very content to just “hang around” in his spot).  Well, his only stubbonness is he always likes to lie on one side – I think it’s more comfortable for him and he can turn his back to the other dogs.  Anyway, I gave him his “bath” (we put him in the tub and hose off his back end then dry him so he can be “pretty” again) and discovered a nasty bed sore on the hip he always wants to lie on.  All the fur had pretty much worn off so to protect that hip I was laying him on thick fluffy rugs – but that apparently wasn’t enough.  Well, this thing is nasty and with all his other issues (not being able to even go outside anymore – especially with the snow and ice) it breaks my heart.  A tough decision is going to have to be made very soon.  I’m going to give it a week and see if it heals any, but if not, it looks like I’m going to have to put him down.  It has to hurt – bad. Hoover is such a sweetheart and doesn’t ask for anything except that he can reach his water bucket.  He never complains, never gives me a hard time about ANYTHING and tries so hard to do whatever is asked of him.  This is such a hard decision to make.  For a dog that is so easy to deal with even though he’s incontinent and paralyzed, I don’t want to see him in pain, though he’s a trooper.  Since turning him over to treat the spot he’s not too happy – and is coughing some from being on the opposite side.  But I’ve got to be able to get to this sore and hopefully it will heal – I guess I’m just hoping against hope.  I was working on a new website just for Hoovie – Dogswithdisabilities – it’s been almost 9 months that he’s been in the “nursing home” (our front hallway).  He moved in when Shadow moved out and has been doing so well, so though I know it had to happen sooner or later, you are never prepared.  People often ask me “how do you know when it’s time” and I say you just know.  Well, this is one of the harder ones.  At least Shadow was partially blind, somewhat deaf, demanding and falling apart.   Hoover just refused to get up anymore – he gave up.  Hoover’s not.  I think that makes it all the harder.  Well, gonna go hug the Hoovie and enjoy what time we have left before I cry all over my computer and short it out.  


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