What would you do?

I have a dilemma.  Hoover is not doing well.  He no longer can even sit so is on borrowed time.  I thought we would have to put him down last weekend, but as a last ditch effort to make him comfortable, I gave him some Rimadyl for the pain and inflammation in his spinal cord.  It worked miracles.  Within a couple of days his head was up, he was perky, and happy.  So I called the vet asking for more.  That’s when the trouble started. 

I got the response, they can only give him enough for 5 days – then they need a blood test to make sure it’s not hurting his liver.  Ok, I didn’t think he would last 5 days…so I agree.  5 days comes and goes and Hoover is doing better than ever (though he still can’t get up, but he’s so content just to hang out, he’s happy, the Rimadyl is working GREAT).  I call and ask for more, explaining.  Nooooo, they need the stupid blood test.  They  were concerned that his liver levels were too high from a blood test last July.  (turns out they were high because of the steroids they were giving him then – that didn’t work).  So that evening I sew a stretcher so we can carry him in for the stupid blood test.  His liver is NORMAL.  No problem, right?  Well, we can’t give you the Rimadyl anyway – we want to give you steriods (that made his liver go out of sight 3x normal last July).  He wouldn’t listen and got defensive when I asked what his reasoning was – and truthfully, I think his reasoning was WEAK.  He felt since it was a spinal thing – it might respond better to steroids (yeah, and wreck his liver, kidneys and stomach in the process – IDIOT).  I think it was an ego thing. So instead he give him the steroid – and Pepsid to keep from blowing out his stomach (it’s dangerous to switch from a non-steroid to steroid quickly as it can cause bleeding in the GI tract).  He also didn’t read his chart and thought Hoover had been on Rimadyl since July which he wasn’t and I clarifed that. 

 Did he read ANYTHING on the chart????  Apparently not – so they gave him the meds that made his liver go out of sight last July – along with meds to counteract the stomach problems it will cause, and an antibiotic to mess up his GI tract more just for good measure even though I argued that he’s doing GREAT on the Rimadyl.  I don’t know what to do.  Hoover has been fine for 2 days now without anything (the longer you can go between the non-steroid and steroid the better) but he’s starting to go downhill again.  You can tell it hurts and the reason I went in was for the Rimadyl (a PAIN killer and antiflamitory) medicine – but of course he didn’t give him anything for the pain either.  So, I guess we start the steroid tomorrow – I really don’t have a choice since it’s so difficult to move him.  I really don’t know what to do…he absolutely needs something to feel more comfortable.  I just hope this helps.  I really have my doubts.  


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