Yeah for Hoover – Inspite of Vets

Well, Hoover is making a comeback – no thanks to some veterinarians who shall remain nameless.  I argued with them yesterday for some pain meds and that made all the difference.  When are they going to get it through their heads this is not something they can “fix” – it just IS and let’s make him comfortable for the time he has left!  So instead of 2 Rimadyl a day he is now taking: a strong steroid, a prescription antacid because the steriod is so strong, and now a narcotic pain reliever – 7 pills plus antibiotics 2x a day to take the place of 2 tasty Rimadyl 1x a day…and to top it off they are making him thirsty, taste bad,  he pees more and no doubt his liver levels are elevated – the reason they wanted me to avoid Rimadyl in the first place…WELL THAT MAKES SENSE (sarcasm).  He isn’t moving his neck any better, is still paralyzed like a quadraplegic, but you can see from his eyes he’s not in pain now.  He’s back to yelling at Riggs, Moola & Jazzy when they look at him – a good sign.  The pain dose they wanted to give him would have made him a Zombie (2 Tramadol pills every 12 hrs) so I started with 1/2 and that wasn’t quite enough, so went to 1 and that’s working better – though it’s only good for 12 hrs. vs. 24 with the Rimadyl.  So essentially we are doing what the Rimadyl (a non-steroidal pain med) was doing with Narcotics and Steroids…pretty stupid if you ask me. Really irks me he had to have 4 rotten days switching over when he was doing just FINE, thanks to their egos. 

On another note, I had my first dream about Shadow since he died.  It was wonderful (until I woke up and started crying because I miss him so much).  It was SOOOO real, and I was holding and petting him and his whole essense was there – aura, expressions, personality – I was carrying him around hugging him but he had no weight – just soft cuddlyness.  It was so nice.  After he died I felt so bad because so many of the dogs give you a “sign” they are ok at the rainbow bridge – a dream, a corner of the eye glimse when they aren’t there, a sound – but from him I got nothing.  Finally, a really strong sign he’s OK.  It felt good. 


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