Bunny Annihilation

Check out the new pictures of Shelby – one of our 9 year old puppies in an awesome home – she is photogenic!  I can’t believe they are 9 either.  Her sister Holly is still going strong.  She’s a little gray and now has this HUGE coat she never had before. She is still pretty spry – she hunted and got NINE bunnies in the past 2 weeks (1 a day almost) and ate most of them so now she is getting fat on bunnies.  I wish she wouldn’t as they get tapeworms from them and the little snot – after the first 6 I gave her some tapeworm meds thinking she was done with her annihilation spree but nooooooo, she got 3 more.  She leaves the legs and head then for Riggs & Moola & Jazzy.  Mo got one of her leftovers and proceeded to throw it up all over the back room, Jazz the other which she didn’t throw up, so I’m watching them for tapeworms too now…such fun~….Most of all Holly misses having a pack (Hoover was her pack) since he moved to the other room due to his infirmities.  

Right now we have Hoover is hanging in there longer than anyone.   He’s too heavy to take outside now (front legs are starting to get weaker) so I’ve made up all this equipment (a stretcher to take him to the vet, a donut to help the bedsores he got from lying soo much, a soft pad, etc. and he’s doing ok.  I couldn’t do it if I didn’t work from home but since I’m here and he is SO cooperative why not.  He’s so accepting of everything which is why I think he’s still here.  He’s cool about lying around, squeaks his toys if they are available, yells at Riggs & Jazz when they “look” at him, and his only request is his water.  When he needs to shift position it’s “lets rotate Hoovie” and he helps as much as he can to lift.  I’m making him his own website – dogswithdisabilities.com (there are some pictures there).  But I really doubt he’ll make it till spring – though I thought that was the case two times already, and he’s always sprung back unexpectedly – but he’s getting so thin with NO muscle on his rear at all and his front is getting weaker too. A little gray is showing in his face and he’s on the pain meds constantly now – but he seems to be doing fine as long as he gets his pill.

Holly wants a pack so bad she is trying to make friends with Chevy & Pod (who could care less). But she wants it on HER terms – in other words, to be their alpha – but Gracie (her arch enemy) is their alpha so that’s not likely to happen.  They’ve been tolerating her lying in the room with them while they are in their pens, and she’s not picking fights like she used to.  I’m hoping to breed Moola or Jazzy soon – but having trouble finding a stud dog that I like.  A couple of friends have been disappointing in that regard.

Well that’s all from Malamute Manor…have to go let Riggs & the girls out for their “run arounds” which means they go outside and run around the yard in circles 50 times first thing in the morning losing all that pent up energy.  


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