Goodbye Hoover – it’s been a long valiant struggle

As I sit here waiting for the vet to arrive to send Hoover to the rainbow bridge I’m feeling so helpless.  He has been so valiant through his year long struggle.  Last night he started coughing up white phlegm and having trouble breathing as his lungs were apparently filling with fluid.  He’s giving up.  This morning he refused all water and even salmon.  He wouldn’t even lick a dish.  I called the vet this morning and they will be here in a few hours for that last trip to the rainbow bridge.  He seemed to brighten when I mentioned seeing Bog again (his sister).  His eyes are tired. Riggs knew something as he was especially close and clung nearby last night.  Hoover even tried to yell at him but it was only a gurgle.  Soo hard to see your best friend of so many years slowly fade away before your eyes.   I am so tired of going through this painful process.  As always, Hoover is strong and patient, quietly waiting while I’m torn up inside.  It’s been a long road Hoovie, and you’ve been such a trooper but I can see you’re ready – it’s in your eyes.  You are so tired and I understand.  I love you.  


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