Ok, when I said I was hoping for a little bit o’ happiness with this upcoming litter I never expected THAT much happiness!  We got the verdict yesterday at the vet – there are at least 11 puppies in Jazzy.  OMG am I ready for this?  Physically, yep, have the whelping box in order right down to the webcam – all the puppy shots are purchased, towels washed, etc. but mentally I’m still trying to get that into my brain.  It’s like having two litters…our typical litter is 4-5 puppies…but eleven????  And Jazzy is a smaller mal – just 65 lbs. normally but she’s a whopping 80 lbs now… my back aches for her!  But she’s in good care and healthy – I have my best vet on it and we’re just sitting here waiting.  She can still take off like a bat out of h*** into the back yard and still manages to jump on the bed – even with that load.  Make sure you check out the xray of the little aliens (that’s what they look like to me – all those skeletons intertwined in utero… here’s the pic.  If you pray, say one for Jazzy that everything goes well and we end up with 11 healthy puppies.  If everyone lives, at least we’ll have some choice for ourselves and the great homes we already have and the few more we need.  I knew they were just too quiet in there – I would feel her belly and there was so little movement it kind of worried me – though I rationalized that they were just like Jazz – quiet, sweet and not super active…HA!  No, they just are packed in like sardines and can’t move lol!  (though I’m sure there will be several quiet, sweet cuddlers in there).  This wasn’t expected in a million years…I mean our largest litter EVER was 6 puppies…and Jazz herself was from our last litter over 3 years ago… Talk about feeling a bit apprehensive…but everything should go well.  We’re at least experienced now, have a great vet on top of things, have the space…man, I am looking forward to puppy breath!  Woooo Hoooo….this is so exciting and scary at the same time.  Share the excitement with us…here’s where the webcam will be once they are born (in a few days).  I’m going to use Baskin Robbins Ice Cream flavors as names (Chilly the dad is from Ice Cream Kennels), and at least will have a good selection  – after all they have 44 flavors and I only need 1/4 of them lol!  Stay tuned…this will be interesting.  Watch on TV as my house is slowly destroyed…(just kidding).  Naw, they will be awesome!  Talk about the puppy love!!!!


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