I think we’re expecting!  I’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks when I do an ultrasound on Mulan – but she’s acting different…she actually fell asleep in front of the TV the other night (she never does that) and has been lying low around the other dogs not wanting to get Jazzy’s wrath.  Jazz has been very jelous of her lately and that’s new too.  So I’m pretty sure the breeding with Harvey took.  On one hand I’m really looking forward to Mula puppies – she’s my absolute favorite – such a sweetheart that gets along with everyone and a true Hoover child.  On the other hand it’s soo soon after the Alien 11 litter – but time marches on and the girls are 4 years old – the max age for a first litter so it’s now or never.   We’ve never had two litters this close (heck, the last one was 4 years before the Alien 11) and so this is a new one for us.  I’m on the lookout for some really great homes and I do have several people that have already expressed a serious interest so looking forward to meeting all of you.  Looking forward to adding to our little “family” of puppy owners – we always make such wonderful friends from every litter.


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