Halfway there….to puppies

This is the second time I erased this…I can’t believe it.  I must be more excited than I thought.  Riggs is officially kickd out of the bedroom at night now.  Mula wants it all to herself.  Jazz isn’t nearly as jelous as I thought she’d be.  Mula is getting fatter…Chungamoola!!!! Not sure if it’s the puppies or if she’s just eating more.  She demands her evening egg every day now.  I can’t wait for the puppycam to be ready to go – it made it so much fun last time I’m excited about doing it again.  Watch at omalmalamutes.com.  She’s due just in time for Christmas and since we did Christmas names a while back, this time it will be Iditarod checkpoints so don’t forget to vote for your favorite names.  I’ll be using the winners and my favorites to name the puppies.

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