About the Pack

Blogging the adventures of the O’Mal Alaskan Malamute dog pack in their day to day adventures at home, far from the arctic tundra of Alaska.

The upstairs pack consists of:

  • Holly – the alpha female (bossy & loud)
  • Riggs – the alpha male (her TV addicted son that talks too much)
  • Hoover – former alpha male (retired alpha – sweet and unassuming)
  • Shadow – (the intelligent alpha wannabe, growing old but still feisty)
  • Jazzy ( cuddly shy one)
  • Moola (the friendly, amicable one)

The downstairs pack:  

  • Gracie (alpha female – sweet & friendly)
  • Chevy (clueless but happy)
  • Pod (the constantly busy thinker)

This is about their day to day activities – 9 housedog malamutes and two rival packs is never boring.  Every day is an adventure! 

A little background:  Holly and Gracie are alpha bitches, each wanting to kill each other for the alpha bitch position.  Hoover never wanted to be alpha, so passed that along to his and Holly’s son Riggs.  Shadow has lived on the edge of the pack most of his life due to an aggressive attitude (brought about by a stupid first owner) but is now very old and in poor health.  Gracie and Chevy were brought into the pack from an outside breeder, and while Pod is part of the downstairs  pack, she is actually related to the upstairs pack.  She was adopted into the downstairs pack and was raised by Gracie, even though she’s Holly’s daughter.  Both packs generally dislike each other and can’t live together which creates some tension and a lot of musical dog rotations because they live in the same house.  Here is their story…. 


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