Halfway there….to puppies

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Mula is looking decidedly chubby lately…Chungamoola!!!  Just as long as she doesn’t have 11 like her sister.  That would be over the top.  It’s hard enough finding great homes for 4 or 5.  She’s demanding her egg every evening now and acts like she’s starving.  She kicks Riggs out of her bedroom (yes, she gets her own bedroom) every evening now.  She doesn’t mind sharing during the day, but she likes the comfort of HIS crate at night so makes me kick him out.  Jazz isn’t nearly as jelous as I expected her to be.  I thought she would have issues with Mula having puppies but so far she seems accepting.  Maybe because they’ve always done everything together and she did get to go first.  Mula is being kind of careful around Jazzy’s pups (they’re 7 months old already – can you believe it!!!) because they are so rough at times.  She gives Superman a low growl like back off buster and he USUALLY listens… They don’t get it but the other dogs do.   Riggs is resigned to being surrogate daddy again.  He’s great at it.  I’m kind of excited about puppycam starting up again…that’s aways fun.  You can watch at omalmalamutes.com


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