Mama Mula

Is that sort of like Mama Mia? Not quite! But it’s official, Miss Mu is going to have puppies!  After 11 only a few months ago it amost seems like an antithesis, but we are still excited.  I have ALWAYS wanted Mula puppies – I fell in love with Mula the day she was born but it grew as I saw that she had the perfect malamute temperament.  Easy to get along with, didn’t like to fight, yet confident and outgoing and especially friendly to people (especially kids!).  I knew this was someone I wanted puppies from on day one.  Too many bad temperaments are bred based on “looks” in malamutes these days, and you just don’t get beauty brains and great temperament in one package anymore.  She’s my special girl and truthfully, my favorite….so I am really looking forward to this litter – particularly because I was able to breed her to Harvey – who I’ve also loved since he was a puppy.  Heather would bring him to conformation class and I knew he would be an awesome guy some day.  So mark your calendars …puppycam is returning.  I have everything set up and may even turn it on now and then while Mulan is trying out her new digs…she seems to know what’s up and can’t wait to tell Jazzy NO! you can’t play with them like she did to Mu when Jazz had her puppies.  Mula was so  bummed she couldn’t play with the puppy “things” at that time – but now she’s going to have her own!  I don’t even have to tell her go sit in her “puppybox” like I did with Jazzy – she volunteers so I know she has it figured out.


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